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Why was Mesopotamia called the cradle of ancient civilization?
a) because it looked like a cradle b) because many civilizations lived there c) because people learned to irrigate crops and provide food for lare populations d)
What is the fertile crescent?
a) an area with many islands b) an area with extreme desert conditions c) an area rich in fertile, arable soil for farming d)
What is an example of adaptation?
a) changing clothing to protect from the sun b) building a dam c) building a road d)
What does interdependence mean?
a) when countries trade with each other to get resources they need b) when countries are at war c) when countries are allies d)
What is the religious symbol of Judaism?
a) star of David b) cross c) star and crescent moon d)
What is the major export of the Middle East
a) wood b) oil c) beaver pelts d)
What is OPEC
a) a group of 12 Middle Eastern countries that control the price of oil b) a group of Middle Eastern countries with dictators c) a group of MIddle Eastern countries with a monarch d)
What is absolute monarchy?
a) when a king is just present for ceremonies b) when a king has all the power c) d)
What is theocracy?
a) a government ran by a king b) a government ran by a president c) a government ran by a religious leader d)
What does unlimited government mean?
a) government takes control and decides on laws b) people have control and decides on laws c) d)
What kind of government dominates in the Middle East?
a) limited b) Unlimited c) d)
Which city is the birthplace of the three religions of the Middle East
a) Bethlehem b) Mecca c) Jerusalem d)
What did the Sumarians build to control flooding?
a) houses b) rivers c) dams and canals d)
What is a nickname for the Middle East
a) Crossroads of Asia b) Crossroads of Iran c) Crossroads of civilization d)
What 2 rivers border Mesopotamia?
a) Nile and Rio Grande b) Tigris and Euphrates c) Mississippi and Missouri d)
What is a river that flows into a sea and branches out into many different streams
a) delta b) river c) ocean d)
What is cultural diffusion?
a) Cultures spreading or diffusing from one country to another b) many different cultures living together c) d)
What is the holy book of Islam
a) the Torah b) the Quran c) the Bible d)
What is not one of the 5 pillars of Islam?
a) pray and fast b) eat pork c) travel to Mecca d)
Where do Muslims pray and worship?
a) a temple or synagogue b) a mosque c) a church d)
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