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Comments commands are found on which of the following tabs?
a) Review b) References c) Insert d) none of the above
To insert a comment into a Word document, select the text in question and click which of the following?
a) right-click, choose Insert Comment option b) Insert Comment button c) New Comment button d) all of the above
Comments can be viewed in which of the following formats?
a) as balloons b) inline c) both a and b d) none of the above
Which of the following contains a summary of changes made to a document?
a) Changes pane b) Reviewing pane c) Summary pane d) none of the above
If you do not want the numbered text you are keying to automatically turn into a list, you can click which button to turn it off?
a) Formatting Options b) Numbering Options c) AutoCorrect Options d) Undo Options
To insert a comment in a Word document, click the New Comment button, key the comment, and then select where the comment will appear.
a) false b) true c) all d) none
You can choose to view comments either inline or as balloons when you click the Balloons button.
a) false b) true c) all d) none
A summary of the changes made within a document are listed in the Reviewing Pane.
a) all b) none c) true d) false
Comments are inserted, edited, and deleted using commands on the __________ tab.
a) review b) rehearse c) all d) none
When you enter a comment, the text that was selected to receive the comment is __________.
a) none b) all c) highlighted d) rehearse
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