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In a _______________ democracy, power is held by the legislature.
a) Presidential b) parliamentary c) oligarchic d) autocracy
A _____ wanted Quebec to be an independent country of Canada.
a) Isolationist b) Separatist c) Inclusionist d) Loyalist
In order to protect the civil rights of all Canadian citizens, a _______ was added to the Canadian Constitution in 1982.
a) Charter of Rights and Freedoms b) Bill of Rights c) Human Rights Accord d) Indigenous People Referendum
Canada's legislative body, Parliament, is divided into the ______ and the ____.
a) House of Representatives and Senate b) House of Commons and House of Lords c) House of Commons and Senate d) House of Gators and House of Wolverines
In what environmental issue, are the the American and Canadian governments working together to limit the amount of pollution created by producers
a) Acid rain b) Water pollution c) Mining related poolution d) Deforestation
__________________ limits the amount of goods that can be imported from a certain country
a) tariff b) embargo c) import quota d) trade corridor
The central government of Canada is similiar to our own federal government. It is responsible for all of the following EXCEPT
a) National defense b) Immigration c) Postal service d) Education
Canada is a _____________. A government ruled by a king or queen whose power is determined by the nation's constitution and laws. It is a form of a limited government.
a) autocracy b) oligarchy c) absolute monarchy d) constitutional monarchy
The main environmental issues in Canada are
a) Pollution, over population, sewage, glacial melting b) over population, air pollution, mining pollution, deforestation c) acid rain, water pollution, mining related pollution, deforestation d) mining related pollution, acid rain, over population, deforestation
Mining related pollution occurs mainly around
a) Canadian Shield b) Great Lakes c) British Columbia d) South Eastern Ontario
The St. Lawrence Seaway, transcontinental railroad and the Great Lakes are all examples of
a) trade barriers b) trade corridors c) natural resources d) tariffs
When discussing types of industry, which type of industry is communications or the passing of information?
a) Primary b) Secondary c) Tertiary d) Quarternary
When discussing types of industry, which type of industry is manufacturing or turning raw material into products that consumers or other businesses can use.
a) Primary b) Secondary c) Teritiary d) Quarternary
Natural Resources of Canada include all of the following EXCEPT
a) Timber b) Clay c) Minerals d) Ore
Trade is very important to Canada's economy. Almost ____% of the natural resources of produced in Canada are _____ to other countries.
a) 80, imported b) 80, exported c) 50, imported d) 50, exported
All of the following are Geographic features of Canada EXCEPT
a) Rocky Mountains b) Hudson Bay c) Great Lakes d) Mississippi Delta
______________ is any product that is brought into the country from another country
a) import b) export c) tarrif d) quota
Canada's biggest trading partner is the
a) Great Britain b) Australis c) Mexico d) United States
There are ____ provinces and ____ territories in Canada
a) 10, 3 b) 13, 0 c) 11, 3 d) 11, 2
Canada is bordered by all of the following oceans EXCEPT
a) Arctic b) Indian c) Atlantic d) Pacific
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