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Psychologists who emphasize the importance of repressed memories and childhood experiences subscribe to which of the following perspectives?
a) psychodynamic b) behavioral c) social cultural d) cognitive
The correlation between two observed variables is -0.84. From this, it can be concluded that
a) as one variable increases, the other is likely to decrease b) as one variable increases, the other is likely to increase c) the two variables are unrelated d) one variable causes the other to occur
If Aristotle and Locke, who both believed that what we know is acquired from experience, were alive today, they would best agree with the
a) behavioral approach b) humanistic approach c) biological approach d) psychodynamic
Which psychological approach is most concerned with the importance of encoding, storing, and retrieving information?
a) cognitive approach b) behavioral approach c) biological approach d) psychodynamic approach
Which psychologist is known for his classical conditioning of dogs?
a) Ivan Pavlov b) BF Skinner c) Carl Rogers d) John B Watson
The dependent variable in the statement 'Students will be able to read a statement printed in the ComicSans font faster thatn the same statement written in Lucida Calligraphy font.' is
a) Comic Sans font b) Lucida Calligtaphy font c) the students d) the length of time
Of the following, the strongest positive correlation would most likely be shown between
a) close friendships and happiness b) an adult's weight and running speed c) poverty and good health d) sense of humor and years of education
An educated guess; prediction of an outcome is a(n)
a) hypothesis b) experiment c) opinion d) null hypothesis
Which of the following correlation coefficients would indicate the strongest relationship between two variables?
a) -.85 b) .82 c) .43 d) -.79
Which team is the best in the EPL?
a) Arsenal b) ManUtd c) Liverpool d) Aston Villa
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