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SCRIBE means
a) to write b) to believe c) to speak d) to throw
BIO means
a) life b) believe c) to throw d) all
PHON means
a) sound b) hear c) air d) hello
AERO means
a) air b) all c) write d) fly
PAN means
a) all b) life c) sound d) believe
a) time b) war c) pleasing d) all
BELLI means
a) war b) all c) to believe d) time
JECT means
a) to throw b) to yell c) to write d) to speak
GRAT means
a) pleasing b) sound c) to throw d) all
AUD means
a) to hear b) sound c) air d) war
CRED means
a) believe b) throw c) speak d) write
DICT means
a) say b) believe c) throw d) think
GEO means
a) the earth b) life c) air d) good
GRAPH means
a) to write b) to graph c) to yell d) to throw
BENE means
a) good b) lucky c) all d) eat
ASTER means
a) star b) good c) space d) life
AQUA means
a) water b) life c) believe d) pleasing
BIBLIO means
a) book b) war c) belief d) crazy
a) human b) Skittles c) sound d) pleasing
CHROM means
a) color b) crazy c) sound d) life
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