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In the universal systems model, input includes:
a) Design of the product b) Development of the product c) Finished product d) Sale of the product
Which represents the sequence of he universal systems model?
a) Input, process, output, and feedback b) Feedback, process, input, and output c) Input, Output, feedback, and process d) Process, output, input, and feedback
In the universal systems model, process includes the:
a) Development of the product b) Design of the product c) Finished product d) Sale of the product
Building a structure is a(n):
a) process b) feedback c) input d) output
From a universal systems perspective, what is capital?
a) Input b) Feedback c) Output d) Process
Evaluation of your system provides new information also known as:
a) Feedback b) Input c) Plans d) Process
In research, gathering information that is already known is:
a) Retrieving b) Copywriting c) Describing d) Experimenting
Generating ideas in a group setting to solve a problem is:
a) Brainstorming b) Marketing c) Teamwork d) Think tank
In a research and development department, design techniques are:
a) Produced through evaluation and testing of ideas b) Based upon other products under patent protection c) Developed by only one individual d) Standard for every project
Research is done in order to:
a) Gather information b) Develop a strategy c) Spend time reading d) Spend time writing
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