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Les escribe
a) They write to her b) She writes to them c) I write to them d) They write to them
Nos escuchan
a) I listen to them b) They listen to us c) We listen to them d) She listens to us
I isten to you
a) te escucho b) me escuchas c) te escuchas d) le escuchas
They don't buy me anything
a) Me compro nada b) No me compran nada c) No les compro nada d) No nos compramos nada
They give her a dog
a) Se dan un perro b) Le da un perro c) Le dan un perro d) Les da un perro
Nos escribes
a) We write to you b) You write to us c) You write to yourself d) They write us
Te explica
a) He explains to you b) You explain to him c) He explains to himself d) You explain to them
They give me things
a) Les doy cosas b) Me dan cosas c) Le dan cosas d) Se dan cosas
I read to the kids
a) Me leen a los chicos b) Les leo a los chicos c) Le leo a los chicos d) Nos leemos a los chicos
My mom reads to him
a) Mi mama le lee b) Mi mama se lee c) Mi mama me lee d) Mi mama lee
No nos escuchas en la clase.
a) We don't listen to you in class b) You don't listen to us in class c) Cedric listens to the girls in a specipic type of house d) Cedric doesn't listen to anyone in any type of house
She buys a car for her sister
a) Les compra un carro a su hermana b) Le compra un carro a su hermana c) Me compro un carro a su hermana d) Nos compra un carro a su hermana
They give her candy
a) Les dan dulces b) Le dan dulces c) Me dan dulces d) Les da dulces
I talk to them
a) les hablo b) me hablan c) les hablan d) le habla
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