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OUR brothers are mean.
a) Nostri b) Noster c) Nostra d) Nostrae
YOU and Andrew are Peter’s brother.
a) tu b) tui c) vos d) vestrum
Peter sang for YOU on the radio last night, Gaby.
a) tibi b) te c) tu d) tui
The girls are eating right now, and I will bring THEM to the store after lunch.
a) eas b) eos c) ea d) eam
WE are very intelligent.
a) nos b) ego c) vos d) nobis
John bought his sons a radio, and he sent it to THEM.
a) eis b) eo c) ea d) eum
Peter and Paul, do YOU want to travel with the group?
a) vos b) vobis c) te d) tibi
Sam, YOU have many friends
a) tu b) te c) vos d) vestrum
Caesar and Mark Anthony, Brutus brought death to YOU both.
a) vobis b) tibi c) vos d) te
I want to go with HIM.
a) eo b) ea c) eum d) eis
The book was read by HER, not John!
a) ea b) eo c) eis d) eam
Raphael wants it for YOU , Nancy
a) tibi b) vobis c) vos d) te
Can the driver give ME a ride?
a) mihi b) me c) nos d) nobis
Please call ME when it is 4:00.
a) me b) mihi c) nos d) nobis
Remember that Margo gave YOU a beautiful party, Susan and Nancy.
a) te b) tibi c) vobis d) vos
Willy sent US to see the teacher for help.
a) nos b) nobis c) me d) vos
Mary and Joseph, YOU are a model for us.
a) vos b) tu c) te d) vobis
MY sister is a dancer.
a) Mea b) Meus c) Meam d) Meo
We love OUR mothers.
a) nostras b) nostra c) nostrae d) nostram
Marcus stole HIS pen.
a) eius b) suum c) eum d) se
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