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Which statement is NOT true?
a) Technology always benefits the environment b) Technology can have both positive and negative impacts c) Technology impacts all areas of life d) Technology progress promotes the advancement of science and mathematics.
Most technological developments are drive by all EXCEPT:
a) Boredom b) Market c) Need d) Profit
In technology, exploratory and normative are two types of:
a) Forecasting b) Developments c) Disciplines d) Surgery
Technology assessment is a term that describes a variety of techniques for determining:
a) Effects of interaction of technology and society b) Best technology class c) Competency of students d) Undesirable effects
A dam has the potential of meeting various human needs. One positive impact of a dam is:
a) Providing water for the city b) Changing existing habitat for plants and animals common to the area c) Destroying native plants and animals by covering a large area in water d) Providing habitat for plants and animals not common to the area
During the Iron Age, the MOST significant use of water wheels was to:
a) grind grain b) generate electric power c) produce copper d) weave textiles
Mass production in a factory system first occurred during the:
a) Industrial Age b) Information Age c) Stone Age d) Middle Age
The Industrial Age is characterized by:
a) steam power b) solar power c) nuclear power d) animal power
What age accounts for the most technological developments?
a) Information Age b) Industrial Age c) Middle Age d) Stone Age
The student organization for Trade and Industrial Education is:
a) Skills USA b) Technology Student Association c) Technical Student Association d) Trades USA
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