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a tide with the greatest distance between high and low tide that occrs when the sun and the moon are aligned with Eath at the new moon and the full moon
a) current b) frequency c) neap tide d) spring tide
The daily rise and fall of Earth's water on its coastline
a) tides b) current c) neap tide d) spring tide
underwater vehicle built of materials that resist pressure
a) salinity b) submersible c) current d) El Nino
total amount of dissolved salt in a sample of water
a) El Nino b) current c) submersible d) salinity
The movement of cold water upward from the deep ocean that is caused by wind
a) climate b) submersible c) El Nino d) up welling
A climate event that occurs every two to seven years in the Pacific Ocean during which winds shift and push warm water toward the coast of S. America
a) submersible b) El Nino c) current d) Coriolis Effect
the average year-after-year conditions of temperature precipitation winds and clouds in an area
a) current b) upwelling c) El Nino d) climate
the effects of Earth's rotation on the direction of winds and currents
a) Coriolis effect b) salinity c) El Nino d) climate
A large stream of moving water that flows through the oceans
a) coriolis effect b) current c) salinity d) upwelling
A tide with the least difference between low and high tide
a) wave b) spring tide c) neap tide d) climate
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