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What is your principals name?
a) Edna Thompson b) Patrice Brown c) d)
What is your school mascot?
a) Tigers b) Lions c) d)
What is a slogan that has been used this year?
a) Bully Me, Tigers! b) Power Up, Tigers! c) d)
What was the record number of students recognized for spotlight?
a) 115 b) 57 c) d)
When is the next Tiger Jeans day?
a) February 6 b) February 13 c) d)
What designation does Guilford Middle have?
a) Title I b) Ocean 9 c) d)
What grade levels are currently served at your school?
a) K-2 b) 6-8 c) d)
What was the first early release day in February 2015?
a) February 6 b) February 13 c) d)
Students were allowed to wear red SMOD shirts to acknowledge we need to protect the health of our.
a) lungs b) hearts c) d)
What is the name of your middle school?
a) Guilford Middle b) Northeast Middle c) d)
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