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Shedding the outer skin to grow later
a) Larva b) Molting c) Pupa d) Numph
Reproductive stage of insect metamorphosis
a) Adult b) Egg c) Pupa d) Larva
Stage of complete metamorphosis when changes are taking place. Examples include a chrysalis and cocoon.
a) Egg b) Larva c) Adult d) Pupa
Stage of metamorphosis where insect life begins
a) Larva b) Pupa c) Egg d) Adult
Stage of incomplete metamorphosis known for eating and molting.
a) Nymph b) Larva c) Pupa d) Adult
Stage of complete metamorphosis know for eating
a) nymph b) pupa c) larva d) egg
Animal that does not have a backbone. These animals have an outside support system.
a) Molting b) Invertebrate c) Exoskelton d) Complete Metamorphosis
Insect life cycle that includes the egg, larva, pupa, and adult
a) Complete Metamorphosis b) Incomplete Metamorphosis c) Exoskelton d) Molting
The outside support system of an invertebrate
a) Nymph b) Invertebrate c) Exoskelton d) Pupa
Insect life cycle that includes the egg, nymph stages, and adult
a) Incomplete Metamorphosis b) Complete Metamorphosis c) Egg d) Adult
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