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a) Pangaea b) plate tectonics c) continental drift d)
the point inside the Earth where an earthquake originates
a) fault b) focus c) epicenter d) fissure
tidal wave created by underwater plate movement
a) tsunami b) earthquake c) volcano d)
when magma reaches the surface of the Earth
a) molten rock b) lava c) geyser d) magma
where two plates move away from each other
a) divergent b) convergent c) transform d) default
where two plates come toward each other
a) divergent b) convergent c) transform d) complex
where two plates slide past each other
a) transform b) divergent c) convergent d) complex
fracture in rock
a) focus b) epicenter c) fault d) fissure
point on the Earth's surface directly above the focus
a) fault b) epicenter c) focus d) spot
device used to detect and measure earthquakes
a) GPS b) spider c) seismogram d)
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