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A small organism such as an insect or hummingbird that helps to transport pollen from flower to flower
a) Pollination b) Germination c) Pollinator d) Seed Dispersal
A behavior that an organisms is born with
a) Instinct b) Inherited Trait c) Learned behavior d) Structure
The scattering of seeds by nature (wind, water, or animal)
a) Pollination b) Pollinator c) Germination d) Seed Dispersal
A characteristic that is passed from parent to offspring
a) Inherited Trait b) Instinct c) Nocturnal d) Dormancy
A behavior or body structure that an organism uses to survive in its environment
a) Regeneration b) Function c) Adaptation d) Offspring
A behavior taught or observed
a) Adaptation b) Learned Behavior c) Inherited Trait d) Instinct
All of the living and nonliving things in a given area
a) Environment b) Adaptation c) Nocturnal d) Migrate
Active at night. These animals generally have highly developed sense of smell, hearing, and/or sight.
a) Learned behavior b) Survive c) Nocturnal d) Organism
Coration or patterns that help animals appear to blend into their environment
a) Offspring b) Environment c) Camouglage d) Survive
A body part of a plant or animal that does a certain job.
a) Function b) Camouflage c) Dormancy d) Structure
The instinctive journey many animals make to find food or to seek warmer temperatures
a) Adaptations b) Migrate c) Nocturnal d) Learned behavior
Sleeping or being inactive throughout the winter
a) Hibernation b) Camouflage c) Adaptation d) Environment
What is something is used for.
a) Inherited Trait b) Function c) Life Cycle d) Structure
a phase or time of little activity
a) Migrate b) Camouglage c) Dormancy d) Survive
Continue to live or exist, especially in spite of danger or hardship
a) Function b) Environment c) Learned Behavior d) Survive
A living thing such as plants and animals
a) Organinsm b) Function c) Sturcture d) Environment
Re-growing a lost body structure
a) Hibernate b) Regeneration c) Dormancy d) Inherited Instinct
The process by which pollen from one flower is transferred to the pistol to another flower
a) Pollination b) Pollinator c) Germination d) Seed Dispersal
The stages of life that a living organism goes through
a) Organism b) Offspring c) Function d) Life Cycles
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