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System responsible for producing offspring
a) Reproductive system b) Regeneration c) Mitosis d) Fission
The young of an organism (babies)
a) Offspring b) Mitosis c) Fission d) Regeneration
Copying and splitting of the nucleus
a) Mitosis b) Fission c) Regeneration d) Budding
Copying and splitting of a cell without a nucleus
a) Fission b) Mitosis c) Regeneration d) Budding
Organism grows new parts to replace broken off ones
a) Regeneration b) Mitosis c) Produce d) Budding
To make
a) Generate b) Clone c) Budding d) Mitosis
A small copy of parent organism that grows on parent body and breaks off as it gets larger
a) Budding b) Produce c) Vegetative Propagation d) Clone
To make
a) Produce b) Clone c) Budding d) Regeneration
New plants grow from pieces or cutting parent plants
a) Vegetative Propagation b) Clone c) Offspring d) Reproductive System
Two organisms that are genetically identical
a) Clone b) Produce c) Budding d) Generate
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