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What is the fatty substance secreted from the epidermis that protects it from water loss?
a) subertin b) cutin c) d)
Which of the following is a parenchyma cell that contains choroplasts?
a) b) c) Chlorenchyma d) aerenchyma
Which primary meristem produces pholoem and xylem?
a) b) c) procambium d) parenchyma
Which complec tissue is responsible for the transport of water and minerals?
a) Pholoem b) xlyem c) d)
This primary meristem develops into cortex and pith.
a) ground meristem b) procambium c) d)
Which meristem produces tissues that increase the diameter of the roots and the stems?
a) lateral b) apical c) d)
Which complex tissue makes up the outermost layer of cells?
a) b) c) parenchyma d) epidermis
What substance in sieve tube members protect them when damaged by forming a plug to keep liquid from leaking out?
a) callose b) suberin c) d)
Which primary meristem develops into the epidermis?
a) ground meristem b) protoderm c) d)
This type of meristem is found in the tips of roots and shoots...
a) lateral b) apical c) d)
Which of the following tissue type has thin cell walls, a large vacuole, and is living at maturity?
a) b) fiber c) parenchyma d)
A permanent region of active cell division is called...
a) b) c) meristematic tissue d) epidermis
This complex tissue secretes nectars and citrus oils.
a) epidermis b) secretory c) d)
Which is a type of parenchyma tissue with extensive air space?
a) b) c) sclerenchyma d) aerenchyma
The fatty substance in the walls of cork cell that makes it waterproof is called...
a) cutin b) suberin c) d)
Wich are the Xlem conducting cells that are open at either end.
a) vessels b) sieve tube members c) d)
This Xlem cells is responsible for the lateral conducting.
a) ray cell b) c) d) tracheids
What pholoem cell provides nutrients to the sieve tube member?
a) sieve plate b) companion cell c) d)
Root epidermal cells produce these structures which help in absorption by increasing surface area.
a) suberin b) c) d) root hairs
What is a pholoem cell type that is not open at either end, but has pores?
a) b) c) tracheid d) seive tube member
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