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Some substances can pass through the membrane but others cannot
a) Selectively Permeable b) Mitosis c) Meiosis d) Chromosomes
Duplication of a cell and all of its parts
a) Mitosis b) Meiosis c) Chromosomes d) DNA
Occurs in sex cells and half the chromosomes are reduced by half
a) Meiosis b) Mitosis c) DNA d) RNA
Found in the cell nucleus that houses a cell's genetic information
a) Chromosomes b) Red blood cells c) White blood Cells d) RNA
This hold an organisms hereditary information
a) DNA b) RNA c) Plasma d) Platelets
A nucleic acid that helps produce proteins
a) RNA b) DNA c) Plasma d) Platelets
Blood cell that delivers oxygen to other cells
a) Red blood cells b) White blood cells c) Plasma d) Platelets
Blood cell that fights disease
a) White blood cell b) Red blood cell c) Plasma d) Platelets
Liquid part of blood
a) Plasma b) Platelets c) Red blood cells d) White blood cells
Part of the blood that helps clotting
a) Platelets b) Plasma c) White blood cell d) Red blood cell
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