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Who often brought new ideas and inventions from their culture to new cultures by way of trade routes.
a) Nomads b) Traders c) Settlers d) Culturalists
Which of the below is NOT an example of things that moved because of diffusion?
a) Written Language b) Use of coins as money c) Religious beliefs d) Humans
Diffusion happens when…
a) Humans leave places b) Humans immigrate to their homeland c) one group of people comes into contact with another d) None of these
True or False? Settling in one area lead to more innovations that made settlers lives easier
a) False b) True c) d)
What is the most significant change in human history according to the book
a) Fish Farming b) Agriculture c) Flower Farming d) Domestication
After domestication of plants and animals, humans were no longer known as what?
a) Nomads b) Roamers c) Settlers d) Hunters
Domestication means to raise and tend to what
a) Germs b) Babies c) Computers d) Plants Animals
Innovation can happen by accident or ________.
a) Deliberately b) with government permission c) On specific day only d) without government permission
What changed cultures in the United States and around the world?
a) Internet b) Books c) Computer d) Tablets
Innovation can be all of the below except…
a) New Ideas b) Old Ideas c) Inventions d) Patterns of Behavior
Cultural change can happen very ________ or ________.
a) Crazy; Sanely b) Badly; Happily c) Fast; Never d) Slow; Fast
Agricultural revolution to place ________ of years ago.
a) Hundreds b) Thousands c) Millions d) No one knows for sure
Culture can be changed in what two ways?
a) innovation Diffusion b) Invention Diffusion c) Innovation Confusion d) Intention Confusion
Improvements in what have changed people’s lives since the beginning of man.
a) Religion b) Culture c) Technology d) None of these
an area where a culture originated and spread to other areas
a) Domestication b) Nomad c) Diffusion d) Cultural Hearth
In the past diffusion happened slowly because of all the below except…
a) Small bodies of water b) large bodies of water c) Mountains d) Deserts
True or False? Cultural change always happens slowly.
a) True b) False c) d)
What culture rejects modern things like electricity?
a) Monks b) Amish c) Pastors d) Buddhists
Change commonly happens when a place is…
a) Bombed b) Freed c) Invaded d) All of these
True or False? Today it is impossible to avoid some kind of interaction with other people.
a) True b) False c) d)
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