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the motion of particles of matter or heat energy; kinetic
a) thermal energy b) melting point c) kinetic energy d) mass
a change that causes a new kind of matter to form with different properties
a) chemical change b) physical change c) thermal energy d) radiation
measurement of heat in an object
a) temperature b) freezing point c) electrical energy d) potential energy
The transfer of heat through electromagnetic rays.
a) radiation b) temperature c) thermal energy d) chemical change
stored energy
a) potential energy b) thermal energy c) radiation d) temperature
A change of matter in size, shape, or state without any change in identity.
a) physical change b) melting point c) freezing point d) potential energy
The particular temperature for each substance at which it changes state from a solid to a liquid.
a) melting point b) physical change c) potential energy d) electrical energy
energy in motion
a) kinetic energy b) physical energy c) potential energy d) convection
Ttthe temperature at which a substance changes state from a liquid to a solid.
a) freezing point b) melting point c) kinetic energy d) physical energy
the transfer of heat through the movement of a gas or liquid
a) convection b) conduction c) Radiation d) potential heat
the energy of moving electrons; potential energy
a) electrical energy b) radiation c) melting point d) potential energy
The passing of heat through a material while the material itself stays in place. (Touch)
a) conduction b) convection c) radiation d) physical change
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