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Rainy season in South Asia is called...
a) Fall b) Typhoon c) Monsoon d) Hurricanes
Towards the bottom of the social caste in India that included servants
a) Vaishyas b) Sudras c) Brahmins d) Kshatriyas
Holy book of Hinduism
a) Caligraphy Scrolls b) Rig Veda c) Torah d) Sanskrit
Language of the Aryans known as the language of the gods or the rich
a) Greek b) Visayas c) Hindu d) Sanskrit
The Buddha means...
a) The Important One b) The Enlightened or Awakened One c) The One Who Suffers d) The Lucky One
Which two are the oldest cities located in the Indus River Valley?
a) Mohenjo Daro and Harrapa b) Memphes and Cairo c) Dubai and Istanbul d) Beijing and Xia
Who used rock markers to communicate with his people?
a) Chandragupta b) Siddhartha c) Ashoka d) Cyrus II
To keep and use what you grow in your farm is to practice..
a) ranch farming b) subsistence farming c) continental farming d) free farming
Hindu god known as the destroyer...
a) Vishnu b) Brahma c) Krishna d) Shiva
The goal of buddhism is to...
a) achieve enlightenment b) be one with the Brahman c) go to heaven d) be reincarnated
the god Vishnu is known as the....
a) destroyer b) keeper of dharma, or order c) seeker d) evil one
Cyrus II founded this great empire
a) Mauryan empire b) Persian empire c) Gupta empire d) Aryan empire
Giving up of food in order to focus more on spiritual ideals
a) meditation b) starvation c) fasting d) suffering
The town in which Siddhartha became the Buddha under a tree
a) Beijing b) Bodh Gaya c) Harappa d) Dubai
A term to describe the social classes in Hinduism
a) job descriptions b) the choosings c) caste system d) achievements
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