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Why is the Ganges so polluted?
a) Sewage b) Animal Carcasses c) Garbage d) All of the above
A major environmental problem in India and China is
a) deforestation b) desertification c) air pollution d) supa toxic snow
9 of 10 World's largest peaks are in this mountain range:
a) Atlas b) Himalayas c) Blue Ridge d) 9+10=
Why do so many people in India lives in the Ganges River Valley?
a) It is fertile for farming b) It is the only source of salt water c) It is very very very pretty d) It is the only place they are safe from North Korea
About 90% of China's population lives in the
a) North b) South c) East d) West
This desert is located in northwestern China between two mountain ranges.
a) Taklimakan b) Gobi c) Sahel d) Kalahari
This body of water lies between Japan and the continent of Asia.
a) Sea of Japan b) South China Sea c) Yellow Sea d) Arabian Sea
This river is sacred to Hinduism:
a) Ganges b) Indus c) Mekong d) Huang He
This desert stretches across southern Mongolia and northern China:
a) Gobi b) Sahara c) Sahel d) Taklimakan
Africa lies to the west of this ocean, and Australia lies to the east:
a) Indian Ocean b) Bay of Bengal c) Yellow Ocean d) Pacific Ocean
Which religion believes karma affects their status?
a) Hinduism b) Chritianity c) Confucianism d) Shintoism
About 80% of India's people follow this religion:
a) Chinesism b) Shintoism c) Hinduism d) Buddhism
This belief teachers that one is reborn after death:
a) Monotheism b) Polytheism c) Confucianism d) Reincarnation
This religion worships one God.
a) Islam b) Buddhism c) Hinduism d) Confucianism
This religion is ased on the teaching of Muhammad:
a) Islam b) Confucism c) Buddism d) Hinduism
This religon originated in India and follows the teaching of one man:
a) Hinduism b) Islam c) Buddhish d) Shintoism
This philosophy is the foundation of modern chinese culture:
a) Shintoish b) Confucianism c) Hinduism d) Judaism
This religion is unique to japan:
a) Shintoism b) Confucianism c) Hinduism d) Judaism
The most crowed urban area in the world is:
a) Tokyo,Japan b) New york city, USA c) Delhi, India d) Beijing, China
This seasonal wind can bring heavy rainfall the lead to floding:
a) Hurricane b) Monsoon c) Tornado d) Tsunami
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