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A farmer who is ____________________, or unfriendly, to cattle ranchers can use fences to stop cattle drives.
a) sprawling b) hostile c) acquainted d) residents
A cowgirl wears chaps ____________________, or reaching from the hips to the ankles.
a) extending b) hostile c) prospered d) decline
Herds of cattle once ___________________ the plains. They were often the biggest thing in sight.
a) dominated b) extending c) hostile d) prospered
A cowboy who has ____________________, or succeeded, may buy fancy boots and a hat.
a) acquainted b) decline c) prospered d) residents
Cowboys get to know one another on cattle drives. They become well _____________________.
a) hostile b) dominated c) flourished d) acquainted
When cowboys were not living on the trail, they were _______________ in the ranch bunkhouse.
a) decline b) residents c) prospered d) extending
A cowboy rides his horse over the vast and _______________________ range.
a) flourished b) hostile c) sprawling d) residents
Because there has been a ___________________ in cattle drives, there are fewer cowboys today.
a) decline b) acquainted c) prosepered d) hostile
The rodeo cowboy ________________________, or recognized, his fans with a smile.
a) extending b) residents c) sprawling d) acknowledged
Cattle were driven to towns near rail lines. These towns _____________________ and grew rich.
a) hostile b) flourished c) dominated d) sprawling
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