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For a plant's life to continue, a ____ must live long enough to produce new seeds.
a) embryo b) seedling c) ovary d)
When a seed sprouts into a new plant, the process is called?
a) fertilization b) pollination c) germination d)
The _____ is the structure containing egg cells.
a) anther b) embryo c) ovary d)
A parent plant can block ____ and soak up water and nutrients that a seedling needs to grow.
a) food b) sunlight c) carbon dioxide d)
In a plant, male cells are found in?
a) pistil b) spores c) pollen d)
All seeds develop the same way by growing from a seed to a____ to an adult plant.
a) embryo b) seed coat c) seedling d)
Some plants carry their own seeds, but others are carried away by water, wind, and ?
a) animals b) photosynthesis c) fertilization d)
The part of the seed that has the beginnings of a root, stem, and leaves is the?
a) egg b) ovary c) embryo d)
The female cells, or the eggs, are in part of the plant known as the?
a) pistil b) anther c) stamen d)
Most seeds need water and warm temperatures to?
a) reproduce b) pollinate c) germinate d)
Most plants have flowers that produce seed, some plants have?
a) sepals b) spores c) pistil d)
After pollination the female cell and the male cell join into one cell, a fertilized egg, in the process of
a) fertilization b) transpiration c) pollination d)
The purpose of a ____ is to make seeds that grow into new plants.
a) pistil b) anther c) flower d)
What part of the flower produces pollen?
a) pistil b) anther c) ovary d)
What do you call an undeveloped plant?
a) seed b) flower c) anther d)
A ______ is the protective covering of a seed.
a) spores b) seed coat c) pistil d)
The transfer of pollen grain to the pistil is called?
a) fertilization b) pollination c) photosynthesis d)
A young plant that develops from a seed is called a?
a) seedling b) germination c) adult plant d)
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