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Which of the following is a compound?
a) salt b) paint c) soup d) air
Which molecules are most strongly attracted to one another
a) water molecules b) hydrogen molecules c) oxygen molecules d) nitrogen molecules
Sugar has a lower melting point than salt because sugar is made of?
a) atoms b) ions c) molecules d) crystals
Atoms sometimes form bonds to?
a) lose energy b) become more stable c) give away neutrons d) give away protons
Copper atoms are held together by ___________ bonds.
a) metallic b) ionic c) hydrogen d) covalent
Oxygen atoms have six electrons in their outer shells. When two oxygen atoms bond, they will form a ______________ bond by _________ their electrons
a) covalent, transferring b) ionic, transferring c) covalent, sharing d) ionic, sharing
All organic compounds must contain the element
a) oxygen b) nitrogen c) hydrogen d) carbon
The atoms in organic molecules are held together by ___________ bonds.
a) hydrogen b) covalent c) ionic d) metallic
A _________ is a polymer that contains many different molecules of amino acids.
a) glucose b) DNA c) Protein d) Methane
The polymer __________ determines your genetic makeup.
a) glucose b) Proteins c) DNA d) methane
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