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what is the Process through which producers make food?
a) cellular respiration b) photosynthesis c) carbon dioxide d) water
what is a tissue?
a) a group of cells that perform a specific function b) tiny parts inside a cell that perform a specific function c) something you put your boogies in d) none of the above answers are correct
what is an organism?
a) all the plants b) all the animals c) any living thing d) a group of living things
what is the smallest structural unit of life?
a) cell b) atom c) air d) microscopic bateria
What are the three parts to the cell theory?
a) all living things must have more than one cell, they must be able to reproduce, and they must use energy b) all living things have one or more cells, all cells come from preexisting cells, the basic unit of life is a cell c) cells are the tiniest parts of life, we all need cells to survive, all cells must reproduce d) all cells must get rid of waste, all cells are part of living things, an organism needs more than one cell to survive
all cells must grow and divide, what is another requirement all cells must meet?
a) use and obtain energy b) be able to make food c) be able to move d) none of the above are correct
which of the following is an example of a population?
a) water and soil b) trees and grass c) zebras and wildebeests d) male and female lions
DNA is found in the __________of prokaryotic cells
a) nucleus b) cytoplasm c) cell membrane d) mitochondria
Multi-cellular organisms have systems to transport materials to cells from other places in the organism. What is the name of the system that transports these materials?
a) digestive system b) excretory stystem c) cardiovascular system d) skeletal system
Which level of organization would describe a dog's eye?
a) organ b) tissue c) organism d) organ system
what is the main function of chloroplast in a plant cell?
a) they produce protein b) they store water and food c) they perform photosynthesis d) they protect cells from the surrounding environment
what is the food that plants produce during photosynthesis?
a) Chlororphyll b) Glucose c) Carbon Dioxide d) chloroplast
organisms respond to change in their environment to maintain homeostasis. What does a tree do to maintain homeostasis during the winter months?
a) shiver b) hibernate c) absorb sun d) lose leaves
Which statement correctly tells why the cells of unicellular and multicellular organisms divide?
a) the cells of a unicellular organism divide to reproduce, those of multicellular organisms divide to replace cells and grow. b) the cells of unicellular organisms divide to replace cells and to grow those of multicellular organisms divide to reproduce. c) the cells of both kinds divide to reproduce d) the cells of both kind of organisms divide to replace cells and to grow
Which of the following substances must animal cells take in from the environment to maintain homeostasis?
a) DNA b) Chlorophyll c) Oxygen d) Carbon dioxide
Which of the following observations would let a scientist know if something is living?
a) the object contains carbon b) the object contains cells c) the object has a green color d) minerals are located in the object
What is the Process by which cells use oxygen to produce energy?
a) cellular respiration b) photosynthesis c) carbon dioxide d) water
Which of the following organelles are found in plant cells ONLY!
a) mitochondria b) chloroplast c) cell wall d) both chloroplast and a cell wall are found in plant cells only
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