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The major organ of the immune system is called ___.
a) white blood cells b) red blood cells c) lipids d) blood without oxygen
What is the largest level of organization?
a) Organism b) Cell c) Tissue d) Organ system
Allows movement and works with skeleton
a) muscular b) digestive c) excretory d) circulatory
Breaks down food, absorbs nutrients and excrete wastes
a) digestive b) endocrine c) integumentary d) lymphatic
The pituitary gland, pineal gland and thyroid gland are part of what system?
a) endocrine b) excretory c) nervous d) digestive
Digestion begins in the ___.
a) mouth b) stomach c) small intestine d) esophagus
How many bones are in the body?
a) 206 b) 300 c) 100 d) 1000
Which system help to protect the body by destroying germs within the body?
a) Immune b) Reproductive c) Respiratory d) Muscular
The lungs are part of what system?
a) Respiratory b) Circulatory c) Digestive d) Endocrine
This body system removes lypm from the blood.
a) lymphatic b) integumentary c) immune d) excretory
Purpose of this body system is to produce offspring.
a) reproductive b) inmmune c) excretory d) lymphatic
An animal's young (babies)
a) offspring b) reproductive system c) ovulation d) fertilization
Release of the egg
a) ovulation b) fertilization c) vaccination d) conjecture
When the sperm and egg meet
a) fertilization b) ovulation c) offspring d) vaccination
A medicine given to prevent you from getting sick
a) vaccination b) homeostasis c) conjecture d) advance
Maintaining internal conditions
a) homeostasis b) conjecture c) advance d) vaccination
Make an opinion or conclusion based on incomplete information
a) conjecture b) advance c) vaccination d) offspring
to move forward
a) advance b) conjecture c) offspring d) ovulation
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