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A solution that causes no change in a cell's volume is
a) Hypotonic b) Hypertonic c) Isotonic d) Embryonic
A solution that causes a cell to swell is:
a) Hypotonic b) Hypertonic c) Isotonic d) Embryonic
A solution that causes a cell to shrink is:
a) Hypertonic b) Hyptotonic c) Isotonic d) Embryonic
The random movement of particles from higher to lower concentration is:
a) Osmosis b) Equilibrium c) Isotonic d) Diffusion
Ions enter a cell through
a) osmosis b) endocytosis c) exocytosis d) Ion channels
Which one of these is an example of passive transport:
a) Sodium-Potassium Pump b) Endocytosis c) Diffusion d) Exocytosis
Which of these is an example of Active Transport?
a) Osmosis b) Diffusion c) Endocytosis d) Facilitated Diffusion
The movement of water across a semi-permeable membrane is
a) Diffusion b) Osmosis c) Endocytosis d) Exocytosis
The cell taking in a large particle is called
a) Exocytosis b) Osmosis c) Diffusion d) Endocytosis
Ink spreading out in a beaker of water is an example of:
a) Osmosis b) Active Transport c) Diffusion d) Facilitated Diffusion
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