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China view men as?
a) Strong and Intelligent b) Week and ignorant c) Silly and failures d) Followers not leaders
Ancient China viewed Woman as
a) Strong and Intelligent b) Silly and gossipy c) Weak and unintelligent d) Great warriors
Taoism is a religion based on the teachings of who?
a) Confucious b) Lao-Tzu c) Shang Huangdi d) Emperor Qin
Which of these is not part of Buddhism
a) Reincarnation b) Karma c) Meditation d) One supreme God
Reincarnation is the?
a) cycle of life death and rebirth b) the sum of one's actions in life c) focusing on one's mind, body, and speech d) release from rebirth
The Mandate of Heaven says a ruler
a) can do whatever they want b) Rules only so long as they are good and just. c) is the oldest son of last ruler regardless of ability d) has absolute power over all subjects
This Dynasty was considered China's Golden Age
a) Shang b) Han c) Tang d) Ming
The Forbidden City in in the center of what City
a) Hong Kong b) Beijing c) Taipei d) Shanghai
Standardization in China meant that there would be 1 system for
a) religion, art, music, poetry b) measurement, money, writing, laws c) dynasties, emperors, royal palaces, rituals d) geography, climate, weather, storms
A pagoda is a
a) architecture style b) a type of fish c) a method of writing d) ancient language
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