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Waxy substance that can cause a build up on artery walls causing blockages.
a) Cholesterol b) Metabolism c) Nutrients d) Soluble
Rate at which the body burns its fuel or converts food into energy.
a) Anorexia b) Soluble c) Metabolism d) Nutrient dense
Sickness caused by eating food that has been contaminated with germs.
a) Soluble b) Food borne illness c) Calories d) Nutrient dense
Foods that have lots of calories instead of a lots of nutrients...junk food.
a) Cholesterol b) Metabolism c) Nutrient dense d) Empty calorie
Parts of grains, beans, fruits, veggies that the body can't breakdown, I call it nature's plunger.
a) Fiber b) Nutrients c) Calories d) None of the above
The emotional desire for food?
a) Appetite b) Malnutrition c) Starvation d) Hunger
Substances (carbs, water, protein, fats, minerals, vitamins) in food that your body needs to function.
a) Antioxidents b) Nutrients c) Bulimia d) Amino acids
Dissolves in (certain vitamins dissolve in fat and others in water).
a) Soluble b) Metabolism c) Nutrients d) Botulism
Painful sores in the stomach or small intestine caused by bacteria, stress, or alcohol.
a) Kidney stones b) Appendicitis c) Ulcers d) Heartburn
Disease that causes brittle bones because the body steals calcium from the bones (people with eating disorders for example).
a) Osteoarthritis b) Cancer c) Heart disease d) Diabetes
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