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Who helped the Pilgrims in America?
a) the Spanish b) the Native Americans c) the Jamestown colonists d) no one
Colonists came to Jamestown for
a) religious freedom b) economic opportunity c) political liberty d) fun
The Pilgrims came on a ship named the
a) Nina b) Pinta c) Santa Maria d) Mayflower
The Pilgrims came to America for
a) religious freedom b) adventure c) economic opportunity d) fun
The first English colony was called
a) Jamestown b) Plymouth c) Massachusetts d) New England
What were the original thirteen states called?
a) New England b) states c) colonies d) colonists
What happened to Native American people after the Europeans came?
a) they became wealthy b) their lives got better c) Hundreds of thousands died d) they had much better food
Columbus called the people he found in America
a) Native Americans b) Indians c) his friends d) Spaniards
Christopher Columbus wanted to go to
a) America b) England c) The Carribean d) the Indies
Who discovered America?
a) Christopher Columbus b) the Pilgrims c) Ponce de Leon d) the colonists
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