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What are threadlike cells on a root that take in water and minerals called?
a) taproot b) fibrous roots c) root hairs d)
______ traps the energy from the sunlight and gives leaves their green color.
a) stomata b) carbon dioxide c) chlorophyll d)
Extra water exits a plant through the stomata in a process called _____.
a) photosynthesis b) respiration c) transpiration d)
During ____ a plant uses oxygen to break apart sugars and release carbon dioxide.
a) photosynthesis b) respiration c) transpiration d)
Tiny openings called ______allow gases and water vapor pass in and out of leaves.
a) epidermis b) stomata c) chlorophyll d)
How many kinds of stems are there?
a) one b) four c) two d)
What absorbs water and minerals from the soil?
a) leaves b) stems c) roots d)
What is the protective outer layer of a leaf called?
a) leaves b) stems c) epidermis d)
The end result of photosynthesis are?
a) sugar and water b) sugar and oxygen c) water and carbon dioxide d)
What are bundles of tubes that carry food and water in stems and roots?
a) stems b) chlorophyll c) veins d)
What carries water, minerals, and other nutrients to and from the roots?
a) stem b) flower c) roots d)
What is a single, thick root called?
a) fibrous root b) root hairs c) taproot d)
When a tree becomes _______ it loses its leaves during the winter.
a) an adult b) a seedling c) dormant d)
Plant's food making process is called?
a) photosynthesis b) respiration c) transpiration d)
What is the main food making parts of a plant?
a) roots b) stems c) leaves d)
What kind of roots spread out into the surrounding soil?
a) taproots b) fibrous roots c) carrots d)
What holds a plant in place?
a) roots b) stems c) leaves d)
What kind of trees keep their leaves?
a) dormant b) evergreen c) all trees d)
What kind of stems are soft, green, and bendable?
a) nonwoody b) woody c) trees d)
Carrots, dandelions, and grapevines are examples of plants with____ roots.
a) green and bendable stems b) fibrous roots c) taproot d)
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