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The science that studies how characteristics get passed from parent to offspring
a) Gentic Factors b) Environmental Factors c) Spiritual Factors d) Gene
The 'nonbiological' factors that are involved in a person's surroundings such as the nature of the person's parents, the person's friends, and the person's behavioral choices
a) Environmental Factors b) Genetic Factors c) Spiritual Factors d) Gene
The factors in a person's life that are determined by the quality of his or her relationship with God
a) Genetic Factors b) Environmental Factors c) Spiritual Factors d) Gene
A section of DNA that codes for the production of a protein or a portion of protein, thereby causing a trait
a) Gene b) Genetic Factor c) Environmental Factor d) Spiritual Factor
The RNA that performs transcription
a) messenger RNA (mRNA) b) transfer RNA (tRNA) c) d)
A three-nucleotide base sequence on tRNA
a) Anticodon b) Codon c) d)
A sequence of three nucleotide bases on mRNA that refers to a specific amino acid
a) Codon b) Anticodon c) d)
The process by which an RNA strand is built. This is the negative image of the DNA strand to which it is linked.
a) Transcription b) Translation c) d)
A big molecule that contains a special sequence of three nucleotides
a) transfer RNA (tRNA) b) messenger RNA (mRNA) c) d)
The process by which the 'language' of nucleotide base sequences in RNA is translated into the 'language' of amino acid sequences in a protein
a) Translation b) Transcription c) d)
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