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Each Mesopotamian city-state had a ziggurat to honor
a) its own god or goddess b) its language c) its culture d) its symbol
The Phoenician alphabet made it easier for people in the the ancient world to
a) learn to read and write b) hire scribes c) teach cuneiform d) learn cuneiform
Mesopotamia was located on land between
a) the Nile and Tigris Rivers b) the Red Sea and the Tigris River c) The Euphrates and the Nile Rivers d) The Euphrates and the Tigris Rivers
Why did Phoenicia become a thriving and wealthy region?
a) The warlike Phoenicians conquered their neighbors b) Gold was discovered near the city of Tyre c) Phoenicia controlled access to the cities of Sumer d) Phoenicians sold valuable wood and dyed cloth to neighboring peoples
Hammurabi's code was significant because
a) it was part of the oral traditions of Babylonia b) for the first time, laws were written down c) everyone in the ancient world followed it d)
Babylon became an important center of trade because it was
a) surrounded by massive walls b) the site of a great library c) located between cities to the North and South d) ruled by a powerful queeen
Farming was made possible in dry areas by the use of canal______________________.
a) coronation b) irrigation c) rotation d)
The belief in many gods is called
a) monotheism b) Christianity c) polytheism d)
Civilization developed in the Fertile Crescent because
a) the Nile River made it prosperous b) it was an important mining area c) the area was difficult to defend d) the rivers there created rich farmland
Which of the following was the first written set of laws?
a) Epic of Gilgamesh b) Ziggurat of Ur c) Ten Commandments d) Hammurabi's Code
Which of these is the religion of the Jewish people?
a) Christianity b) Judaism c) Buddhism d) Zoroastrianism
The Medes and Chaldeans joined as Neo-Babylonian forces to
a) destroy the Assyrian Empire b) build the city of Nineveh c) found the overland trade route to Asia d) conquer Mari
What did the Babylonians and Israelites have in common?
a) they both looked for a trade route to the New World b) they both destroyed the city of Tyre c) they both conquered Phoenicians d) they both lived by a code of laws
A traditional story that tells a legend that explains people's beliefs is called a
a) famine b) code of law c) myth d) covenant
What were the Israelites known for that made them unique among ancient peoples?
a) they did not have a written Bible b) they believed in one god c) they worshipped many gods d) they made purple dye from snails
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