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An instrument used to find wind direction.
a) Tornadoes b) Fujita scale c) Barometer d) Wind vane
What do currents have a strong effect on?
a) our lives b) global temp c) our personalities d) the fishing industry
The unit of measurement for temperature is the...
a) celcius b) degree c) scale d) thermometer
What is the state of the atmosphere at any given time?
a) Weather b) Climate c) Rain d) storms
The push against an object is called?
a) air pressure b) El Nino c) January d) Me
Scale that measures hurricanes
a) Sapphire Simpson b) Fujita c) Metric d) Standard
What is a massive rotating column of air that forms over land
a) Tornado b) Hurricane c) Dust Storm d) Radiation
What scale measures hurricanes?
a) Sapphire Simpson b) Tornado c) Baconometer d) Vortex
What happens to the tradewinds so El Nino can take place?
a) Thunderstorms b) They get hotter c) They weaken d) They freeze
What is the thin layer of air surrounding the Earth called?
a) Air b) Crust c) Atmosphere d) The sky
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