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Higher productivity in a worker can be achieved by which of the following:
a) increasing hours worked b) increasing training c) decreasing hours worked d) decreasing training
Personal income (the money we use to buy goods and services) refers to all of the following EXCEPT:
a) government payments to individuals b) salaries and wages c) income taxes d) investment income (stocks, bonds, rental properties)
All of the following are considered to be out of the labor force EXCEPT:
a) those under 16 b) those too lazy to work c) the elderly d) the disabled
___________ is a way to compare the economy of one country to the economy of another country.
a) Productivity b) Retail sales c) GDP d) GDP per capita
Which of the following is a durable good?
a) cruise ship b) manicure c) cotton candy d) crab cakes
The _________________________ is the portion of people in the labor force who are able and willing to work but are unable to find work.
a) GDP per capita b) productivity rate c) unemployment rate d) interest rate
Which of the following is a non-durable good?
a) table b) bike c) pizza d) coat
The main cause of unemployment is _____________________.
a) increase in personal income b) reduced unemployment rate c) reduced demand for goods/services d) lower GDP
Which of the following would NOT be included in GDP?
a) vans for a floral company b) pencils for a classroom c) buttons on denim jeans d) personal cell phone
If ____________ goods were counted as a part of gross domestic product (GDP), the value of these goods would be counted twice.
a) natural b) intermediary c) final d) capital
In 2014, which country had the highest GDP per capita:
a) United States b) Liechenstein c) Quatar d) Congo
Retail sales include:
a) taxes collected b) a business taking out a loan c) school supplies bought by students d) inventory of jeans for a clothing store
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