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The process of reclaiming products such as metals, glass, paper, and plastic and reusing them to create new products is called
a) recycling b) incineration c) composting d) mining
Which type of hazardous waste gives off radiation?
a) radioactive waste b) toxic waste c) corrosive waste d) flammable waste
Many types of hazardous waste can be disposed of
a) in a carefully designed landfill b) in a sanitary landfill c) down the drain d) in an open dump
The construction of buildings, roads, bridges, dams, and other structures is called
a) development b) agriculture c) mining d) erosion
To create less waste in the first place is to
a) reduce b) reuse c) recycle d) incinerate
The process of restoring an area of land to a more natural, productive state is called
a) land reclamation b) erosion c) nutrient depletion d) desertification
One group of gases that is responsible for destroying ozone in the ozone layer is
a) CFCs b) car exhaust fumes c) nitrogen oxides and sulfur oxides d) carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide
Most of Earth's water (about 97%) is
a) salt water in the oceans b) fresh water in lakes and rivers c) in the form of snow or ice d) in the clouds
Water moves continually between the atmosphere and Earth's surface in the process called
a) the water cycle b) water pollution c) global warming d) temperature inversion
Most water pollution is the result of
a) human activities b) volcanic eruptions c) storms d) drought
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