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A proportion in relation to a whole (which is usually the amount per hundred)
a) percent b) century c) centenarian d) centipede
An arthropod with perhaps 100 legs
a) century b) percent c) centipede d) centenarian
A period of 100 years
a) percent b) centipede c) centenarian d) century
Someone who is in his/her hundreds; a person who is one hundred plus years old
a) percent b) centenarian c) century d) centipede
To push or force something out
a) compel b) expel c) compulsive d) expulsion
Caused by a desire that is too strong to resist
a) compel b) expulsion c) expel d) compulsive
The act of forcing someone to leave a place
a) compel b) expel c) expulsion d) compulsive
To force someone to do something
a) expel b) compel c) compulsive d) expulsion
To deny directly or oppose
a) contradict b) predict c) dictate d) predictable
Something that is expected in advance
a) contradict b) predict c) predictable d) dictate
To say or read something aloud to be recorded
a) dictate b) contradict c) predict d) predictable
To declare or tell in advance
a) predict b) dictate c) contradict d) predictable
The prefix dec/deca/deci means
a) to say b) to urge c) one hundred d) ten or tenth
The prefix cent/centi means
a) tenth or ten b) hundred or hundredth c) to urge d) to say
The root pel/puls means
a) to say b) hundred c) to drive, push or urge d) tenth
The root dic/dict means
a) to say b) to drive or push c) to stop d) to leave
An athletic contest of 10 different track and field events
a) decagon b) decathlon c) decimal d) decade
A period of 10 years
a) decimal b) decathlon c) decade d) decagon
Pertaining to tenths or the number 10; any number expressed in base 10
a) decathlon b) decimal c) decade d) decagon
A polygon with 10 sides
a) decade b) decimal c) decathlon d) decagon
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