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Which ocean touches the eastern part of North America
a) Pacific Ocean b) Indian Ocean c) Atlantic Ocean d) Arctic Ocean
Which continent is closest to Africa
a) Antarctica b) North America c) Europe d) Australia
a text book describing the civil rights movement is an example of a __________
a) biography b) secondary source c) first source d) primary source
Which is not one of the 7 continents?
a) Africa b) Arctic c) Europe d) North America
Anne Frank's diary is an example of a ___________
a) biography b) secondary source c) first source d) primary source
What are cardinal directions?
a) left, right, up, down b) down, up, back, and front c) the flight path of a cardinal d) North, South, East, and West
After the Middle Stone Age came the ___________ Era, or New Stone Age.
a) Mesolithic b) Archaeolithic c) Neolithic d) Cenozoic
The essential resources used by early peoples were:
a) iron, copper, and water b) water, animals, and fertile land c) copper, gold, and fertile land d) water, copper, and animals
Which of the following would a historian be least interested in?
a) the bones of a group of people b) the knowledge of a group of people c) the beliefs of a group of people d) the customs of a group of people
An imprint of something that was once living is known as a __________
a) cell b) mold c) fossil d) cast
There are _______________ continents.
a) 7 b) 6 c) 10 d) 8
185 Main St Sayreville, NJ is an example of which theme of Geography?
a) HEI b) Place c) Location d) Movement
Which is not one of the 5 oceans?
a) Indian b) Southern c) Northern d) Pacific
Another name for the Iceman was ___________
a) Cold Man b) Otzi c) Lotzi d) Strong Man
How many continents begin with the letter A?
a) 3 b) 4 c) 5 d) 7
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