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Which of the following is not true about living things?
a) They are not made of cells. b) They respond to their environment. c) They grow. d) They are either unicellular or multicellular.
Is a plant living or nonliving?
a) Living b) Nonliving c) d)
A(n) ____________ organism's cells are divided into groups that have special jobs
a) unicellular b) c) multicellular d)
_____________ is an organism's ability to maintain steady internal conditions when external conditions change.
a) response to stimuli b) use of energy c) homeostasis d)
True or False: Cells are the smallest unit of life.
a) TRUE b) FALSE c) d)
When an organism is ___________ it is made of one cell.
a) multicellular b) unicellular c) d)
Something that has all of the characteristics of life is a(n)
a) plant b) organism c) pear d) cell
When you swing a bat....
a) you are responding to stimuli. b) you are maintaining homeostasis. c) you are using energy. d)
Give an example of growth and development.
a) You put a sweatshirt on because you are cold. b) You ride a bike. c) A baby grows into an adult. d)
When you are sick, you are not __________.
a) responding to stimuli b) maintaining homeostasis c) organized. d)
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