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What region had many forest that were used for wood for building?
a) Southern b) Middle c) Atlantic d) New England
A person who is learning a trade from a skilled employer is a....
a) apprentice b) slave c) quaker d) indentured servant
What region had the longest Winter?
a) New England b) Middle c) Atlantic d) Southern
Roger Williams founded what state?
a) New York b) New Jersey c) Rhode Island d) New Hampshire
What item did Ben Franklin NOT invent?
a) Bi focals b) glass harmonica c) lightning rod d) rifle
Who is the founder of Georgia?
a) Ben Franklin b) Roger Williams c) William Penn d) James Ogelthorpe
Which Region had the most fertile and rich soil to grow crops in?
a) Middle b) Southern c) New England d) Atlantic
Which state is NOT part of the Southern Colonies?
a) Georgia b) Delaware c) Virginia d) Maryland
Which state is NOT part of the Middle Colonies?
a) New York b) Pennsylvania c) Delaware d) New Hampshire
This person led prayer groups in their house and fought for woman's rights?
a) Anne Hutchinson b) Ben Franklin c) Roger Williams d) William Penn
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