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group of executive department heads that serve as the president’s chief advisors
a) political party b) inaugurate c) tariff d) cabinet
the making of goods on a large scale using machinery
a) manufacture b) agriculture c) cabinet d) foreign
to confirm by expressing consent, approval, or formal sanction
a) unanimous b) ratify c) precedent d) revolution
an example that becomes standard practice
a) revolution b) manufacture c) cede d) precedent
to formally swear in or induct into office
a) ratify b) unanimous c) inaugurate d) treaty
with the agreement of everyone involved
a) ratify b) unanimous c) inaugurate d) domestic
to surrender or give up
a) cede b) secession c) treaty d) neutral
not siding with any other country in dispute
a) treaty b) unanimous c) political party d) neutral
group of people that tries to promote its ideas and influence government
a) cabinet b) political party c) revolution d) precedent
other countries
a) treaty b) ratified c) foreign d) domestic
a forcible overthrow
a) cede b) seccession c) revolution d) neutral
an agreement under international law
a) foreign b) treaty c) political party d) tariff
relating to a nation’s internal affairs
a) political party b) manufacture c) agrarian d) domestic
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