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Find the adverb: My students play this game endlessly because they love grammar.
a) play b) endlessly c) love d) because
Find the adverb: The dog ate his food quickly and begged his family for a bone.
a) quickly b) begged c) ate d) and
Find the adverb: The woman at the store gladly took my money for the shoes.
a) at b) took c) gladly d) money
Find the adverb: The vet called me yesterday about the dog's medicine.
a) yesterday b) called c) me d) medicine
Find the adverb: I have looked everywhere for my sunglasses, but I didn't find them.
a) have b) sunglasses c) looked d) everywhere
Find the adverb: I often travel to other countries and try different foods.
a) I b) travel c) often d) different
Find the adverb: My daughter woke early and cooked eggs for the whole family.
a) woke b) cooked c) eggs d) early
Find the adverb: The students patiently waited for their teacher in the hallway.
a) waited b) students c) their d) patiently
Find the adverb: Sometimes, the snow melts and makes muddy puddles.
a) melts b) Sometimes c) makes d) muddy
Find the adverb: The lords and knights grudgingly accepted Arthur as the High King of Britain.
a) accepted b) grudgingly c) Arthur d) as
Find the adverb: The bird gently coaxed the baby bird to try to fly.
a) gently b) coaxed c) the d) baby
Find the adverb: The mother divided the birthday cake evenly and gave a piece to each person.
a) birthday b) evenly c) gave d) each
Find the adverb: We always watch TV as a family on Friday night.
a) TV b) watch c) We d) always
Find the adverb: The maid took the load of laundry downstairs.
a) downstairs b) maid c) took d) the
Find the adverb: The two men safely climbed to the top of the mountain without using any equipment.
a) climbed b) safely c) two d) men
Find the adverb: The team thoughfully wrapped the present for the coach.
a) thoughtfully b) wrapped c) present d) coach
Find the adverb: Foolishly, the visitor at the zoo threw some food into the lion's habitat.
a) threw b) food c) zoo d) Foolishly
Find the adverb: The students spoke clearly to Juan and Marie in English.
a) spoke b) students c) clearly d) The
Find the adverb: The person on the game show frantically grabbed the money flying around the wind chamber.
a) grabbed b) frantically c) money d) person
Find the adverb: The two-year old child touched the kitten softly.
a) softly b) old c) touched d) kitten
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