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Factors that control traits are called ________?
a) genes b) purebreds c) recessives d) parents
Scientists call an organism that has two different alleles for a trait a _____.
a) hybrid b) trait c) purebred d) factor
An organism’s physical appearance is its _____.
a) genotype b) phenotype c) co-dominance d) heterozygous
Which term refers to physical characteristics that are studied in genetics (for ex. blue eyes)?
a) traits b) offspring c) generations d) hybrids
The different forms of a gene are called ______?
a) alleles b) factors c) masks d) traits
What does the notation tt mean to a geneticist?
a) two dominant allels b) two recessive allels c) at least one dominant allele d) one dominant and one recessive allele
An organisms genotype is its ______.
a) genetic makeup b) feather color c) physical appearance d) stem height
A structure in the cell’s nucleus that contains the genetic information or DNA _____.
a) gene b) chromosome c) allele d) link
The scientific study of heredity _______.
a) chemistry b) genetics c) botany d) ecology
A cross that shows the genetic crossing of a single trait is a _____.
a) mono-hybrid cross b) di-hybrid cross c) cross roads d) trait crossing
What does a Punnett square show?
a) Only the dominant alleles in a genetic cross b) all the possible outcomes of a genetic cross c) Only the recessive alleles in a genetic cross d) All of Mendel’s discoveries about genetic crosses
Which trait is controlled by a dominant allele? : W= white flowers, w=purple flowers
a) purple b) pink c) white d) blue
Which trait is controlled by a recessive allele? : W= white flowers, w=purple flowers
a) purple b) pink c) white d) blue
By analyzing a blood sample, a doctor can tell a patient whether his or her children might inherit a genetic condition. This is true even if the patient doesn’t have that condition. This type of analysis tells the doctor about a patient’s ______.
a) phenotype b) dominant traits c) chromosomes d) genotype
What units found on the chromosomes are responsible for an individual’s inherited characteristics?
a) genes b) proteins c) mitochondria d) phenotype
Every person who inherits an allele for Huntington’s disease will develop the disease. This condition must be _____.
a) recessive b) dominant c) heterozygous d) hybrid
Brown-eyed parents have two brown-eyed children and one blue-eyed child. This can occur because _____.
a) all humans carry an allele for blue eyes b) environmental factors can change eye color c) the combination of parental alleles is different in each offspring d) the combination of parental alleles is the same in each offspring
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