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in the chemical equation A+B --- AB, AB is the
a) reactant b) product c) bioproduct d) fun part
you will not find a cell wall in
a) animals b) plants c) bacteria d) fungi
the cell or plasma membrane consists primarily of a _________ bilayer
a) phospholipid b) diphosphate c) protein d) carbohydrate
cells get energy from
a) chloroplasts and mitochondria b) ribosomes and golgi c) rough and smooth ER d) generators
chloroplasts are found only in plants and algae
a) yes they are b) no they are not c) i really want to get this one wrong d) i am just clicking randomly
The central space in the mitochondrion is called the
a) matrix b) plexus c) nucleus d) zone
which of the following is NOT found in the nucleus?
a) cytoplasm b) chromatin c) DNA d) nucleolus
which of the following is a function of the nucleus?
a) all of the rest b) control of cell processes c) information to make protein d) store DNA
which of the following is NOT found in the nucleus?
a) DNA b) cytoplasm c) cell wall d) ribosomes
cell movement is done by
a) tubules and filaments b) nucleus and ER c) mitochondria and chloroplasts d) magic
the correct order is
a) prophase metaphase anaphase telophase b) metaphase prophase telophase anaphase c) anaphase metaphase prophase telophase d) none of the rest of these are correct
a light microscope with a 10X occular and a 20X objective has a total magnification of
a) 30X b) 200X c) 2000X d) it depends on the length of the focus tube
pairs of chromatids attach to the _____ to form ____
a) centromeres, chromosomes b) centrioles, spindle c) nucleus, nuclear membrane d) cell wall, cell plate
DNA condenses to form
a) chromosomes b) ribosomes c) chromatin d) amino acids
chromosomes have sections on them that determine traits, these section are called
a) genes (gene loci) b) proteins c) Gregor Mendel d) Chromatids
DNA is normally loose in the nucleus in a form known as
a) chromatin b) protein c) ribosomes d) endoplasmic reticulum
DNA stands for
a) DeoxyriboNucleic Acid b) Don't kNow Anything c) disoriented natal arrangement d) decahedral nutrient assembly
the cellular division process associated with sexual reproduction, not growth and development is
a) meiosis b) mitosis c) binary fission d) endocytosis
DNA is replicated during
a) S phase b) G1 c) Prophase d) Cytokinesis
energy used by living things is stored in the chemical _____ between atoms in organic molecules
a) bonds b) reactions c) batteries d) abnormalities
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