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Nuclear fusion results when
a) atoms are split apart b) a star runs out of fuel c) gases and dust rotate and are pressed together by strong gravity d) planets glow at night
A star nursery where new stars are born
a) universe b) nebula c) neutron d) nuclear fusion
Newton invented
a) the refracting telescope used to show the Earth revolves around the sun b) the H-R Diagram c) reflecting telescope used to collect radio waves d) reflecting telescope, the type used by astronomers today
A device used to collect radio waves from objects in space is called
a) radio telescope b) reflecting telescope c) refracting telescope d) recycled telescope
A star system in which one star blocks the light from another is called
a) constellation b) nebula c) eclipsing binary d) black hole
When a star runs out of fuel, it CANNOT become a
a) neutron star b) white dwarf c) black hole d) protostar
The distance between the crest of one wave of electromagnetic radiation and the crest of the next one is its
a) wavelength b) frequency c) color d) spectrum
Patterns of stars in the sky are called
a) galaxies b) constellationa c) star systems d) observatories
Which of the following is not part of the electromagnetic spectrum?
a) radio waves b) sound waves c) X-rays d) infrared radiation
A star begins in a
a) black hole b) nebula c) red giant d) distant galaxy
A neutron star that appears to produce pulses of radio waves
a) quasar b) binary system c) black hole d) pulsar
The earliest stage of a star's life is
a) protostar b) giant star c) quasar d) white dwarf
The Heretzsprung-Russell diagram graphs a stars
a) diameter and brightness b) distance and brightness c) brightness and temperature d) brightness and absolute magnitude
Parallax can't be used on a star if the star is too
a) close b) bright c) small d) far
A light-year is a unit of ____
a) time b) distance c) mass d) absolute magnitude
How long a star lives depends on
a) its color b) whether it is single or binary c) its mass d) its temperature
A quasar is a type of
a) star b) universe c) pulsar d) galaxy
The hottest stars are
a) blue-white in color b) red-orange in color c) yellow in color d) violet in color
Brightness of a star as seen from Earth
a) absolute magnitude b) apparent magnitude c) d)
Our sun is a
a) main sequence star b) red giant c) white dwarf d) old star
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