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Today, Smith’s repertoire is so vast that she could speak consecutively for twelve hours straight without running out of material. (consecutively)
a) NO CHANGE b) continuously nonstop c) perpetually d) OMIT the underlined portion.
All along, she was telling stories—everything from social satire to her retelling of “Cinderella” as Cindy Ellie, a poor African American girl whose rags are transformed into magnificent African-style gowns. (Cinderella)
a) NO CHANGE b) Ellie. A c) Ellie, she was a d) Ellie; a
Smith is the official griot of both the city of Baltimore and the state of Maryland; she has served as griot-in-residence at several universities. (Maryland; she)
a) NO CHANGE b) Maryland: she c) Maryland, she d) Maryland and she
When storyteller Mary Carter Smith practices her art and everybody listens. (Smith practices her art)
a) NO CHANGE b) Smith, practices her art c) Smith, practices her art, d) Smith practices her art,
Indeed, she identifies strongly with the griots of West Africa—those village storytellers where they use songs, poems, and narration to help preserve and transmit culture and history. (where they)
a) NO CHANGE b) who c) whom d) that they
Now that the Navajo code is no longer used, the code talkers, whose secret work saved American lives, can finally receive public recognition for their actions. (secret work)
a) NO CHANGE b) hush-hush actions c) concealed, hidden actions d) doings, kept under wraps,
The Navajo code remained classified after the war that was later used, along with codes made from other American Indian languages, in the Korean Conflict and the Vietnam War. (that)
a) NO CHANGE b) and which c) and d) OMIT the underlined portion.
Unfortunately, the code talkers sometimes faced dangerous peril from their own side. (dangerous)
a) NO CHANGE b) hazardous c) risky d) OMIT the underlined portion.
The Navajo language is complex, with a structure and sounds that makes them unintelligible to anyone without extensive exposure to it. (makes them)
a) NO CHANGE b) makes it c) make it d) make them
Nevertheless, these tests convinced the officials of the value, of using the Navajo language in a code. ( officials of the value)
a) NO CHANGE b) officials, of the value c) officials, of the value, d) officials of the value
This group, known as the Navajo code talkers, took part in every assault the U.S. Marines conducted in the Pacific from 1942 to 1945, transmitting information, on tactics, troop movements, orders, and other vital communications (transmitting informa)
a) NO CHANGE b) transmitting information on: c) transmitting information on d) transmitting: information on:
It's impossible to predict which people will dig into their pockets or if they were to open their purses, and I’ve stopped trying to guess. (If they were to open)
a) NO CHANGE b) would have opened c) open d) might be opening
Just yesterday I sat across the aisle with a woman who was composing music in a notebook. (with)
a) NO CHANGE b) to c) at d) from
About three and a half million people a day ride the subways I think maybe I have met them all. (subways, I)
a) NO CHANGE b) subways, and c) subways, which d) subways actually
A teenager whose holding a shoebox containing a kitten as tiny as a gingersnap smiles. (whose)
a) NO CHANGE b) thats c) as d) who's
Its impossible to predict which people will dig into their pockets. (Its)
a) NO CHANGE b) It's c) Its' d) That's
A musician balancing a cello case, two Buddhist monks in saffron robes, and a group of stockbrokers in crisp, charcoal gray suits get on at Wall Street. (charcoal gray suits)
a) NO CHANGE b) charcoal gray suits, c) charcoal, gray suits d) charcoal gray, suits
It’s unlikely she would ever attempt such a feat, but if she did, there would be no dull moments. (It's unlikely)
a) NO CHANGE b) It’s unlikely, c) Its unlikely, d) Its unlikely
Joe is seven, living in those two or three years when they can manage to throw a baseball a few feet but when what they’re really interested in are things closer at hand, bugs, butterflies, dirt. (they)
a) NO CHANGE b) children c) he d) some of them
It’s not as if the outfielders’ positions matter much, though—the ball never gets hit hard enough to reach there. (as if)
a) NO CHANGE b) if c) whether d) as to whether
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