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The transport of dissolved substances into cells.
a) Absorption b) Digestion c) Respiration d) Excretion
The breakdown of absorbed substances.
a) Absorption b) Digestion c) Respiration d) Egestion
The breakdown of food moecules with a release of energy.
a) Excretion b) Homeostasis c) Respiration d) Absortion
The removal of soluable waste materials
a) Excretion b) Egestion c) Reproduction d) Secretion
The removal of nonsoluable waste material
a) Repiration b) Egestion c) Excretion d) Homeostasis
The release of biosynthesized substances
a) Secretion b) Repiration c) Egestion d) Excretion
Maintaining the status quo
a) Homeostasis b) Secretion c) Absorption d) Digestion
Producing more cells
a) Excretion b) Secretion c) Reproduction d) Biosynthesis
The locomotion of a cell from one point to another
a) Irritability b) Movement c) Excretion d) Homeostasis
The cells sensing and responding to changes in the surroudings
a) Movement b) Biosynthesis c) Digestion d) Irritability
The process by which living organisms produce larger molecules from smaller ones
a) Biosynthesis b) Homeostasis c) Irritability d) Movement
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