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Native Americans were the first
a) hunters b) medicines c) d)
Native Americans who lived in the Northwest went for their food
a) corn b) fishing c) d)
Native Americans spoke different languages.
a) facts b) opinion c) d)
People who grow vegetavles for food are
a) farmers b) hunters c) d)
What continent has the United States?
a) Africa b) North America c) d)
People from Europe went to India to get jewels, silks, and
a) fruit b) spices c) d)
What ocean did Columbus sail across?
a) Atlantic b) Pacific c) d)
What did Columbus call the people he found in America?
a) Asians b) Indians c) d)
What did Queen Isabella give Columbus?
a) spices b) ships c) d)
What did people in Europe call America?
a) Old World b) New World c) d)
Where did the Pilgrims first live?
a) Holland b) England c) d)
What was the name of the Piligrims ship?
a) Nina b) Mayflower c) d)
Why did the Pilgrims come to America?
a) to have freedom of religion b) to meet the Native Americans c) d)
What town did the Pilgrims start in America?
a) Plymouth b) Boston c) d)
The Mayflower Compact said the ( ) would be fair to all.
a) fish b) laws c) d)
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