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Trees transform energy for photosynthesis with
a) electrical energy to light energy b) light energy to chemical energy c) d)
To calculate acceleration
a) Change in time for distance traveled b) change in velocity divided by time c) d)
When elements react to form a compound
a) Their properties change. b) Their mass increases. c) d)
If you have a box of confetti and an equal-sized box of rocks, what do you know about their mass?
a) The mass of the rocks is greater than the mass of the confetti b) The masses are unknown. c) d)
Boy 1 is standing on a step that is 1 foot tall. Boy 2 is standing on a step that is 2 feet high.
a) . Boy 2 has half as much kinetic energy as Boy 1 b) Boy 2 has twice as much potential energy as Boy 1 c) d)
When dropping a rock from 2 different heights, what stays the same 2 feet before hitting the ground?
a) Direction and position b) Speed and velocity c) d)
If pushing a box, it will continue to move at the same _____and ______unless it is acted upon by _____________force,
a) acceleration/motion/a balanced b) speed/direction/ an unbalanced c) d)
If you push a box on the left side, which way will it move?
a) To the left b) To the right c) d)
If student A pushes the box to the right with 200N of force, and student B pushes the box 100N to the left, which way wll thwe box move?
a) To the right b) To the left c) Doesn't move d)
Why does the box move?
a) The box has a balanced force acting upon it. b) The box has an unbalanced force acting upon it. c) Gravity is acting upon it. d)
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