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Author of The Jungle.
a) Ida Tarbell b) Jacob Riis c) Upton Sinclair d) John Muir
Author of How the Other Half Lives
a) Jacob Riis b) Ida Tarbell c) Upton Sinclair d) Lewis Hine
Author of The History of Standard Oil.
a) Jane Addams b) Upton Sinclair c) Samuel Gompers d) Ida Tarbell
Reformers who were photographers
a) Riis and Hine b) Jones and Gompers c) Tarbell and Riis d) Hine and Addams
The right to vote
a) Muckraker b) Trustbuster c) Suffrage d) Unionization
Samuel Gompers
a) Muckraker b) Trustbuster c) American Federation of Labor d) Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire
a) Tarbell and Sinclair b) Addams and Gompers c) Hine and Riis d) Tarbell and Jones
Hull House
a) Jane Addams b) Upton Sinclair c) Jacob Riis d) Mary Harris -Mother- Jones
Women can vote
a) Amendment 13 b) Amendment 14 c) Amendment 19 d) Amendment 20
John Muir
a) Trustbuster b) Muckraker c) Women's Suffrage d) Sierra Club
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